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Keep your ductless system running for decades with just a few miniutes a month!

With as little as 10 miniutes of self maintainance a month, you an keep your system running smoothly for up to 20 years!  Our technicians will teach you how to take care of your system so that it lasts!

Cleaning your ducltess heat pump system

While the details from system to system may vary, the basics of cleaning your coils and filters remains the same.
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Cleaning your mini-spit/ductless heat pump system.  Just a few miniutes each month.

  1. Wipe down the unit with a soft dry cloth. 
  2. Locate and lift open the the front cover.
  3. Gently remove the filters and vaccum and/or rinse with warm water (this will depend on the manufacturer’s recommendation for your specific unit.)
  4. Inspect the outdoor unit to make sure that the coil is clear of any foreign objects or debris, such as leaves, twigs or any thing else.
  5. Congratulations! That’s it! You’re all done!