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Frequenty Asked Questions

How are ductless heatpump systems controlled?
Your system can be easily controlled with a remote control. From your remote control you can adjusts temperature or swap between heat and A/C modes. You can also choose a wall-mounted control for your system.
What time of home can ductless systems be installed to?

Ductless systems are ideal replacments (or used in conjunction with) electric baseboard, wall mounted forced air, wood stoves and propane or kerosene space heaters. A small house might consist of a single ductless system supplying heat or a/c to the main area of the house and leave the existing electric baseboards in bedrooms and bathrooms, or to be used in emergencies or as a backup.

Propane as a Primary Heating Source

Depending on your location, heating your home with propane can add up to six times the price to your utility bill when compared to a ductless heat pump! Ductless heat pumps are a much better choice!


If you are adding a room onto your house or converting an attic to a living space, a ductless system is a great solution where there is no ductwork involved. Instead of extending the home’s existing ductwork or pipes, a ductless system can do the job without the need for total reconstruction.

New Construction

New home designs can be easily adapted to take advantage of a ductless system’s many benefits.  In many cases as easy as just removing the sub-floor layer from the blue prints and figuring out where to add the indoor and outdoor unit(s) for your system and the necessary piping.  Using a ductless system in your plans should also greatly reduce the cost of contructing your home as no ductwork is needed!

How efficient are ductless systems?

Ductless systems operate using 25% to 50%+ less energy than standard central air systems (electric resistance and forced air).  This makes ductless heat pumps one of the most eco-friendly choices around.   Today’s systems have ultra high SEER ratings between 20 and 27 and HSPF between 10 and 12.5.

Are the units obtrusive or an eyesore?

Nope.  These units are very small and blend in to the rooms natural aesthetic.   Additionally we have ductless products available that are meant to blend in to flat surfaces or appear to only be a flat wall-mounted art display.

How reliable are ductless systems?

Ductless systems are a very smart long-term investment.  Not only can they run for 20 years with minimal homeowner self-maintainance but also most units today come standard with a 7-12 year warranty.  All of our work is guaranteed for 30-days plus in-case an issue arises with your system.

All work Guaranteed

All new installations come with at least a one year parts and labor warranty. Any service repairs we make are guaranteed for a full 30 days. Extended warranties, manufacturer's warranties, inspections and service subscriptions are all available, as well as the option for flat-rate pricing and quotes.

All new installations come with at least a one year parts and labor warranty. Any service repairs we make are guaranteed for a full 30 days.